Fae Crate

Past Items Sale

February's sale includes items from our November crates, extras of our Forged by Magic Exclusive Editions (though all December crates have shipped, we do have a held stock for any damaged replacements), PLUS limited copies of The Endless War, With These Last Breaths, Frost & Nectar, Where Skies Fall, and Where Oceans Burn!

This sale will also include: 👉🏻 OPUS SINGLES: We have extras of Opus edition books that are sold as singles this month (not sold as set)! These singles are due to damage replacements causing them to be incomplete sets. These are not damaged, just sold as singles! 👉🏻 SCRATCH & DENT SALE: These are marked-down books with minimal imperfections (including naked hardcovers only) but are still in good reading condition!

Sale closes February 29th, midnight EST. We will also be doing a 2-MONTH SHIPPING WINDOW for all orders and they will ship from March 1st until the last day of April 2024.

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