All items included in this sale are past items from Fae Crate & Bae Crate that we have leftover inventory for!
If you see something you like, grab it fast! After they are gone we will never have more.

Shipping for orders during the sale (Jan. 22nd, 2021) will not begin shipping until after February 1st.
Orders will ship within 3 weeks of February 1st.
The February 19th- 28th sale includes items all the way to December 2020 boxes. 2021 items will not be in this sale but will be in the next. Sales will close on February 28th, and shipping will not begin until after the sale ends. All items will ship by March 20th at the latest. Orders are shipped out in waves and are usually in order but not guaranteed to ship in order. All orders will ship by the end of the shipping window.

All sales are final. We will not be cancelling or refunding orders.
UK ORDERS: With Brexit changes coming into effect in 2021, the UK has made changes to international packages requirements. This means that Fae Crate will need to charge VAT on packages shipped to the UK. We have been working on this since the policies were first announced, but this will take a bit of time to get set up and finalized.
Please note: there is a chance we will need to invoice customers for any packages set to ship in 2021 to the UK to charge for VAT. If this is the case, we will email customers about their package with the VAT amount required. Since this change is new and we could not share the VAT cost before purchase, you will have the chance to request a refund and cancel your order instead of paying VAT. As we are still in the process of being set up, we are not yet sure what VAT charges will entail for our customers, but we wanted to ensure we were as transparent with you as possible with this process as this is a concern for our UK customers.

If multiple orders are placed, orders cannot be combined and shipping costs will not be refunded.

If an item arrives damaged, there is a possibility you will receive a refund rather than a replacement as stock is limited.

Having an item in your cart does not put a hold on that item. The completion of the sale is the only way to guarantee your hold.

Mystery item bags and Mystery print packs are made randomly with no guarantees on which items or prints will be included.
If you order a mystery bag or print pack, and an item arrives damaged, we cannot guarantee we can replace the exact item but will send a random replacement item equal or more in monetary value.

Globes are made by hand and meant to be decorative items. The images on them will not always perfectly line up. We will not be replacing or refunding for this item.

Shirt, Mug, or Tote orders may ship early and separately.

Shirts printed in the original print run for a Monthly Fae Crate sometimes has specialty metallic, glowing, etc. ink. Shirts ordered from past items sales will not have specialty inks, and could have a slightly different shirt color. Please refer to the images on the Archives website only for reference to what the shirt ordered will look like.